A Visitor Names Stone Canyon the Best Pizza in Kansas City!

The new year brings a new discovery for our restaurant, as the Best Pizza in Kansas City, according to disKCovery. We’ve thought this for years but it’s always great to hear it from our guests.

In 2021, our Gladstone location had a visitor. We didn’t know this visitor at the time. We were simply a restaurant on his list of places to try. One day this visitor comes through our doors to have a new experience. Like anyone else walking through our doors, we treated him like family. He told us what he liked and we made it the only way we know how. Using our fresh ingredients from local vendors to make the best pizza in Kansas City.

At the time we didn’t know his name. We didn’t know him when he came back five weeks later. But he got the same great service. And the same family treatment. The same quality food…..and he got the same experience of fulfillment when he left, calling us the Best Kansas City Pizza.

It would be even a few more weeks before we discovered his name. Not until he wrote about us in his blog https://www.kcdiscovery.com/home/fcs-2021 and tagged us on his social media account to let us know he thinks we are the Best Kansas City Pizza.

We think you for your kind words, Devan Dignan, and we thank you for visiting our restaurant. We hope you’ll come back soon. We encourage everyone to visit Devan’s site. Lots of great writing about lots of Kansas City Greatness.

Looking for a great meal, awesome service and a good time, come find us in Parkville or Gladstone. We hope like Devan – you’ll be glad you did!

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