First Wednesday of the Month Enjoy Detroit Style Pizza at Stone Canyon Pizza

What day is it!!!!! It’s First Wednesday and Detroit Style Pizza Day. If you’ve been in Kansas City long enough, you know the best place for pizza is Stone Canyon Pizza. We pride ourselves in creating the best pizza in town using the freshest meats, cheeses, and veggies. Well then, it’s no wonder that we would do the same with our Detroit Style Pizza!

This pizza is square, not round!

Not only is the shape different but so is the dough, sauce, and cheese. One of the most unique qualities of the Detroit Style Pizza is the thick yet light crispy crust. We then layer the crust with Wisconsin Brick Cheese pushed out to the edge so that it caramelizes around the edge of the pan as it bakes. We layer the ingredients on top of the cheese followed by dollops of the freshest tomato sauce. All of this adds up to a pizza experience that you just must try.

Remember this Detroit Style pizza is only available the first Wednesday of every month and it will only be available after 4pm at each of our Stone Canyon Pizza locations. There are limited quantities so make plans to get in here early.

To go along with our Detroit Style Pizza, we also offer Half Priced Bottles of Wine!

We have two Stone Canyon Pizza locations to choose from. Or you can visit both! We have one location at 15 Main Street in beautiful downtown Parkville and another in Gladstone at 504 NE 70th Street.

If you want to try Kansas City’s best Detroit Style pizza, then Stone Canyon Pizza is the best place to get it. Make plans the first Wednesday of the month to experience this pizza masterpiece!

Stone Canyon Pizza is proud to be locally owned and operated.

First Wednesday - Detroit Style Pizza -