Great Pizza + Great Workers = A Great Stone Canyon Family.

Stone Canyon first opened its doors in Parkville over 27 years ago. Obviously, we must be doing a few things right. The one thing most critical to our success is the amazing employees that we have been fortunate to have as a part of our company. We still have employees working with us that started in the late nineties. Over 20 years ago! We’ve been blessed with an incredible staff of talented, kindhearted individuals. These individuals help us make up the Stone Canyon Family.

For employees to make a long-term commitment to our organization, we try to give them a good reason to stay. Strong communication and support are critical to our performance. Employees are given the opportunity to grow and show what they can do. Each employee is given responsibilities that allows them to gain new skills and helps them to continue their growth in our company.

Being part of the Stone Canyon Family means that we respect each other. We listen to each other’s new ideas. We try to be there for each other inside and outside of work. And we prove our appreciation with quality of life and compensation.

We believe that it is these positive experiences that has led to the longevity and consistency of our staff. Stone Canyon regulars experience this each day when they come in and see the same smiling faces. And receive the same consistent food and beverage.

Come in and get to know our great staff. You can find us at our original location at 15 Main Street in Parkville or our newest location at 504 NE 70th Street in Gladstone. You’ll be glad you did!

Stone Canyon Family Great Pizza - Parkville and Gladstone