History of the Best Pizza in Kansas City

All the good stories begin with Once Upon A Time….this is a similar story. It’s all about the History of the Best Pizza in Kansas City. Our story begins in the late 70’s, when a young man by the name of Kevin Heaton began his journey to learn everything he could about how to make great pizza, run a restaurant, operate multiple locations, how to train and develop staff, cost control, ordering systems and finding the best ingredients.

Part of this educational experience was to work at the very first Godfathers Pizza and the very first Minsky’s Pizza – kinda cool huh? Throughout this time, Kevin worked his way up. Starting as a pizza maker and continuing through kitchen management, general management and eventually business ownership. He continued to master his craft and study the industry. Searching for the best way to provide the perfect pizza experience.

Kevin wanted a pizza restaurant with a unique ambiance, mouth watering menu and a family friendly experience that keeps guests coming back. A concept built on quality – not price. A premium pizza concept. These efforts eventually led him to Parkville, MO where he renovated an old drugstore/soda fountain space on Main Street. So once upon a time, in 1995, Kansas City’s Best Pizza was created. It was The Stone Canyon Pizza Company.

Since then Kevin has continued to work in and on Stone Canyon Pizza. Never resting. Continuing to find the best way to serve the Best Pizza in Kansas City. So if you’re looking for the perfect pie, great food and beverage, awesome service and the perfect place to hang out with friends and family? Experience Stone Canyon Pizza. Check out Stone Canyon Pizza in Parkville or our new location in Gladstone. You’ll be sure to find the best quality in town as well as a really good time!

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Best Pizza in Kansas City - Parkville and Gladstone Stone Canyon Pizza