We’ll Get By With A LOT of Help From our Friends!

Quality is our middle name. Okay, so maybe Stone Quality Canyon doesn’t flow off the tongue like we thought it would, but the fact remains, we’ve delivered on our promise of high quality, great service and unforgettable memories for more than 26 years. Throughout almost three decades, no matter the circumstances, we’ve refused to compromise on quality or the compensation for our employees, whom we consider to be family. We won’t start now.

Since March of 2020, we’ve endured increased safety measures and training for all, supply shortages, times where we simply cannot get the ingredients to create the offerings on our menu (think Southwest Eggrolls). We’ve implemented carryout options incurring additional costs for containers and continued to absorb rising food costs. And horror of all horrors, the price of bacon is 18.8% more expensive this year than last! Throw in a labor shortage, higher transportation costs, more supply disruptions, an unpredictable pandemic, craziness in Ukraine, and you get, well, you get discouraged and wonder how you’re going to keep it all together.

The good news is we will. We’ll keep it together. We have too many friends, neighbors and family members counting on us. We love what we do. We’ll make it work.

Along with making it work, comes the realization that restaurant prices have hit their biggest spike in 40 years. If we want to survive, our prices have to rise to reflect reality and the prices we’re paying for quality ingredients.

We’ll never be greedy. We are not price-gouging you, taking advantage of you or even passing on all our price increases to you. We’re just absorbing less of the increases so we can continue to pay our staff the wages they deserve and maintain our high standards.

We’re in this together.  We never take for granted your trust in us, your loyalty and dedication. No business stays around for almost 27 years without doing something right. We’d like to think we’re doing a lot of things right. 

We can’t make it without you, but we wouldn’t want to. You’re the reason we do what we do and our inspiration for being even better. But, because we’re family, we just wanted to let you know what’s going on.


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